Teach you how to choose game headphones

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Are you still struggling to choose the perfect game headphones? Want to know if you should stick to cable models or wireless? It now breaks down the different types of headphones currently available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type. When buying a new model, read on to see what you should pay attention to, or if you already know exactly what type of headphones you want.

Step 1: Wireless or wired?
Most importantly, the most significant difference between game headphones is whether they are wired or wireless. I tested both in the evaluation and found that most gamers like wired headphones very much. However, both have some advantages and disadvantages. Once you pair them correctly with your computer, wireless headphones are undoubtedly easier to use than their wired headphones. Lack of power cord allows you to move freely, even grab something in a short distance, hear what's happening in the game or continue to talk through voice chat. However, I find that all wireless models are more expensive than many similar wired models, so you will definitely pay more for the extra freedom provided by wireless models. More importantly, I also found that the audio quality and microphone quality of wireless headphones are much lower than those of wired models. Despite these disadvantages, if your game computer is set up to use excessively long cables, or if you move frequently while playing games and hate being tied by ropes, the wireless model may be your only choice.

Step 2: Comfort is king.
Although you may be content to put up with an inappropriate pair of earplugs for an hour or two during exercise or exercise, the game headphones take much longer to wear and ensure that they are comfortably adapted to your head, which is essential for making full use of your new game headphones and avoiding any skull compression.
It's important to try and buy first. Everyone's head and ears are different. There's nothing close to actually trying on headphones before buying.  Although I'm sure I've found the most comfortable headphones for most people, it's entirely worthwhile to see if you can borrow a pair from a friend or try it in a store for fitness testing. However, if this is not possible, we recommend that you buy new earphones from retailers with a relaxed return policy. If you find that the earmuffs are wrong in size or any discomfort, you can send them back.

First, having earmuffs that fit your ears is the first step in finding comfortable headphones. If your ears are smaller, you're lucky because the task is easier. Most headphones should pass the first test, whether they're round or oval earmuffs. If you have bigger ears, you'll definitely want an oval earmuff, even if it costs a little more, because some models offer two options.

In addition, we found that earphones allow earmuffs to rotate and rotate more comfortably than earmuffs without earmuffs. We do not recommend anyone to buy earmuffs with fixed earmuffs.

Step 3: Do you choose bass?
When you feel completely immersed in the game and you want to find headphones that match the audio quality of your favorite game, the sound track and sound effects can be almost as much as the visual effects. For many first-person shooter fans who may be non-competitors, those who want to hear the engine roar in a racing game, or those who want to achieve the highest level of horror in a horror game, if this is the case, you will need to look for headphones with the largest driver, so you can The low end of the rumble is well obtained without serious distortion.

If the highlight of your game experience is the rich orchestral soundtrack of a game like Destiny 2, or if you need to hear every footstep from an enemy player, you'll want to find more neutral and balanced headphones - good in bass, treble and treble without overtwisting any sound. Quality. Most soundtracks don't have accompaniment, so you can usually use headphones that don't have the best mid-range response without sacrificing too much. If you want the entire audio to be included, make sure you choose headphones that contain some basic mixing software.

Some headphones can customize equalizer settings. These headphones provide you with versatility and customize your audio experience according to your preferences for each game you play, whether you want to enjoy the amazing track of the game, or need to hear pins drop or anyone sneak up on you.
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